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Advantages of the Vostok platform

A versatile blockchain solution for a scalable digital infrastructure, created with consideration of requirements of potential users - major corporations and state institutions


The platform ensures the immutability of information at several levels: nodes, user roles and individual transactions

Enterprise-ready solution

Vostok is a platform designed for the corporate environment, offering a comprehensive set of tools for deployment, integration, adjustment and monitoring. Vostok’s team develops the platform and provides technical maintenance.

Flexible cryptography

The platform supports a variety of cryptographic algorithms, and the most suitable form of cryptography can be chosen based on a customer’s specific requirements

High performance

Vostok platform guarantees a speed of 1,000 transactions per second, allowing customers to forget about productivity issues while integrating the platform into a corporate environment

Decentralized applications

Vostok offers flexible tools for creating smart contract-based decentralized applications that facilitate implementation of business logic of any complexity