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Blockchain solution for large enterprises and public institutions

Developed by Waves in 2018 at the request of organisations in the industrial, public and financial sectors

Blockchain as a Driver of Digital Transformation Globally

Building a digital economy is impossible without first laying down a solid foundation, i.e. a modern information infrastructure, where all technology solutions are connected and interact with each other.

Blockchain technology provides this, enabling the next generation of digital infrastructure and shifting the entire operation of global information-based networks. It offers significant advantages for the creation and implementation of a convenient, stable and secure universal digital platform for certification, registration and data tracking.

The contribution of the digital economy to GDP in the G20 is expected to reach $6.6 trillion by 2020,

and the number of participants is set to climb to around 4 billion people worldwide according to the “Delivering Digital Infrastructure – Advancing the Internet Economy” report by the World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group.

Vostok project overview

Platform solutions

The project combines a number of technologies - blockchain, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of things, big data and neural networks. This approach allows organisations to not only collect data, but also ensures data validation, comparison, predictive analysis, pattern detection, immutability, transparency, distributed storage and more effective protection against unauthorised use, attack or vanishing.

Project architecture

Vostok consists of two elements - the Vostok private blockchain platform and the Vostok system integrator. The platform uses proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol and leverages the latest advances in the field of digital technologies. The system integrator is tasked with the concept design for integrating the Vostok platform-based solutions and implements final projects.

Waves is founded
Waves platform is officially launched
Vostok platform is announced
Vostok platform is launched
The option of using Russian state-approved cryptography algorithms and digital signature on Vostok platform is added
A role-based access control (RBAC) model for users is added
Partnership with Dom.RF
An office opened in Kazakhstan
Partnership with Transtelecom
Implementation of smart contracts
Partnership with BI.ZONE
Partnership with Rostec
Implementation of the platform’s client interface modules: blockchain explorer and data service
Conclusion of Vostok project’s phase one
Release 0.7-0.8
PoA consensus
rapid consensus algorithm for private blockchain networks.
Enterprise client
blockchain explorer and wallet.
Launch of Partner-net.
Turing-complete smart contracts
smart-contracts written in any user-defined programming language executed in docker containers.
Release 1.0
Data privacy
transferring of encrypted confidential data between blockchain network participants.
Network access control
connecting a node requires permission from the blockchain network operator.
Enterprise client
smart-contracts and permission management.
Launch of Vostok Mainnet.
Release 1.1
Authentication service
Users, roles and API access management based on oAuth2.0 protocol. Enables possibility to integrate blockchain with enterprise IDM systems.
Certificate authority
miner identification using digital certificates ensures legal compliance of blockchain operations.
history of successful and unsuccessful operation displayed in the enterprise client.
Contract execution verification
cryptographic verification of valid contract execution.
Smart-contracts public repository
Smart-contracts public repository in the Mainnet client.
Release 1.2
blockchain network acceleration and additional flexibility with data operations for a variety of business cases.
Blockchain monitoring
network map and blockchain health information.
Security module
services for internal audit of user interactions with private data.
migration of the RIDE programming language and developers tools from Waves.
External keystore
enables possibility to integrate enterprise client with external private key storage.